Ear Lobe Repair


Ear lobe repair or surgery is a type of a cosmetic surgery that is carried out to eliminate deformities in the ear lobes of a person. This reconstructive plastic surgery is particularly useful in treating patients who have suffered damage to their ear lobes due to an accident or those who have stretched out or torn or split ear lobes.

This surgery is quick and effective and is of two types- flesh tunner repair surgery and split ear lobe repair surgery. These surgeries are generally carried out as corrective measures for ear piercings gone wrong as well as other body art types that adversely affect the ear lobes of a person.

How is a Torn Earlobe Repaired?

While repairing a torn earlobe in Charlotte is a simple procedure, I still use advanced techniques to ensure the best chance of successful outcomes. In earlobes that are not completely torn, I look to see how much of the earlobe is torn. If less than 60% of the earlobe is split, then the skin around the hole is removed, and the hole is sutured closed.

If more than 60% of the earlobe is torn, then the earlobe tear must be completed during the repair. After completing the tear during the procedure, I create a small flap in the ear. That flap is used to ensure that the ear heals in a manner to keep the gentle sloping contour of the earlobe.

While this technique increases the complexity and time of the procedure, I believe it creates a better result. After the flap is made, the ear is stitch closed.

Surgeries Performed

Note: This female had multiple surgeries and various other treatments from beauty experts for split ear lobule and had given up hope and had accepted the deformity of her ear. A simple day care surgery was performed by Dr Giriraj Gandhi. 

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