Sebaceous Cyst


A Sebaceous Cyst is a type of cyst that lies and grows under the skin. There are two organs that Sebaceous Cyst originates from. The first one is in the sweat glands that occur in the skin whereas the other one is referred to as Pilar cyst that originates from hair follicles.
Areas on the body where cysts are usually found include:
  • Scalp
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Back

Post Operative Care

  • Use medication as directed. You may experience some soreness as the local anesthetic wears off.
  • Most wounds will be closed with absorbable sutures and Dermabond (skin glue). The skin glue forms a barrier to water. Over the skin glue you may have Steri-Strips (white or tan tape). Please do not remove the Steri-strips. Leave them in place until they fall off on their own. They may stay for a few weeks.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, you may shower the day of the procedure. Please avoid bathing or soaking the wound in water.
  • Observe the wound for signs of infection such as redness pus or fevers. Please call your surgeon if signs of infection are noted.

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