Genital Cosmetic Surgery


Keeping up with the ever-changing society and its demands genital cosmetic surgey is becoming more and more popular as it helps in regaining individual self-confidence.

Rejuvenation of the female genital area improves the look as well as the function. Childbirth and ageing affects the genital area in many ways. More and more women are seeking cosmetic surgery to enhance the genital aesthetics and sexual function.

It includes procedure like:
  • Cosmetic Vaginoplasty
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Labiaplasty

Cosmetic Vaginoplasty

Females suffer from lax vagina following childbirth due to over-stretching of tissues and loss of muscle tone, which causes tampons to fall and decreases sexual satisfaction. Vaginoplasty is mainly done for rejuvenation of lax vagina to make it tight and youthful. This involves tightening of the next layer of the vagina. A mild laxity can be corrected by radiofrequency or laser, but severe laxity has to be addressed surgically in which the lax muscles are tightened and extra mucosa excised and sutured by absorbable sutures.

Type of anesthesia – It is preferably done under general anesthesia.

After your surgery

The downtime may be 1-2 weeks .patient may feel mild deep aches during healing. Intercourse is to be avoided for 6-8 weeks.


It is a procedure done to reshape the inner lips ( labia minora) of the vulva. It is usually done in females who have large or asymmetrical inner lips causing functional problems like rubbing while walking or biking, pain from twisting, rashes, itching, and poor hygiene. It is also sought by females who desire a more youthful and attractive look of the same. The aim is to reduce the size of the inner lip so that it does not hang below the outer lip of labia.
Type of anesthesia – This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or with mild sedation.

After your surgery

Sutures used are dissolvable, and the patient is allowed to go home post-procedure. The patient can resume work in a week according to her comfort level.


The hymen is considered a symbol of virginity in females; hence repair of the hymen and restoring its integrity is commonly referred to as regurgitation. It is mainly done for cultural /religious reasons or psychological healing. Repair of the hymen is usually done three months or more before marriage for those who require structural and visual integrity. For those who need just bleeding during intercourse, this procedure can be performed three weeks or more before the marriage. Type of anesthesia – It can be done under local or general anesthesia as per patients preference.

After your surgery

It is a daycare procedure, and the patient is allowed restricted mobility after the procedure. Pavoidance of substantial physical activity as intercourse is advised for three weeks after the procedure.

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